Morality of Profession for Lawyers

Mr.Wan Suwannaphong



The purposes of this study are morality of Profession for lawyers including ethics for professional lawyers. The practice of professions which will benefit the public as a whole. A professional lawyer is using the law to prevail. If the law is not a major figure in the framework of ethics and professional. The law would not be fair to the public. And benefits to the justice of the state, so professional lawyer should maintain a professional lawyers for lawyers. Which is guided in performing their duties so that people get the legal services of international standard. Fairly accurate And justice of the country simultaneously. Should practice of the profession. The profession as a lawyer is a good one) and two ethical) responsibility to society and the public. Ethics is the practices. The Professional Ethics The practice of professional lawyers correctly. Lawyers will have to practice their profession properly. To comply with the principles and ethics of the profession that aims to provide a notary public good. For prosperity in the practice. And to provide public services to the legal profession in a higher standard. The lawyers who practice their profession, lawyers fully there. Will result in the benefits and opportunities for career lawyer. The result is a professional lawyer occupations invaluable and useful contribution to infinite future.


Keywords :  Lawyer, Attorney, Justice, Ethics.

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