The Relationship between Brahmavihāra and Ethics of Teacher towards Students

Buchit Mokharat



   Brahmavihāra (sublime states of mind) is a principle that teachers should have to behave to students and society. Brahmavihāra is consistent with the ethics of teachers towards students in the present day, that is to say, teacher who has Brahmavihāra is considered as a teacher with compassion and sympathy towards students. When a student must live according to select his own passage from his own wisdom and own karma. A teacher with Upekkhā (equanimity) should watch his students with pleasure and released. The teacher who he delivers kindness and sympathy to students shall be considered a fully perceiving with Upekkhā. In Thailand, the teaching profession has been recognized as a noble profession, namely, a teacher must keep the ethics of teacher with a foundation of Brahmavihāra.  If teacher has the principles of the mind, it is more complete, is full of knowledge and correct conduct and equipped with noble sacrifices and aim to benefit others.


Keywords:  Brahmavihāra, Ethics of Teacher, Relationship

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