Analycy and Setting Task Competencies of Administrative Officers Sub - Distric Local Administration: A Case study of Sub - Distric Local Administration of Muang Khon Kaen Distric, Khon Kaen Province

Chaowalit Wong-ngoen



  This study aimed to determine the core competencies of the Group Executive and the performance of duties of executives and employees in a work group, and to study the needs and how to improve the performance of the Group Management Subdistrict.

  The results are summarized as follows: (1) the performance of the Group Management consisting of 1) the knowledge of the duties and relevant laws and regulations, 2) strategic planning, project plans, 3) Administration and Development, 4) the quality of person is a visionary leadership and interpersonal skills. This study also found that key skill is good command of English and other languages in Asian countries. (2) performance by the employee's position in the Department of Management consists of 1) the knowledge of the position duties and relevant laws and regulations, which varies according to the duty of each position, good leadership, and the vision, (3) the need to develop and how to develop competencies that need development the most is the knowledge required on the job, relevant laws and regulations, strategic planning, program and project management, expertise and knowledge of the duties, good leadership. The development can be done through a training workshop, seminar, self-learning / personal development, coaching, graduate study, learning from practice and experience, and job rotation. How to improve the performance depends on the proper adoption.


Key Words :  Analycy, Competencies, Administrative 

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