Nan’s Social Management in a Role to Prevent Social Conflict.

PhraChayananthamunee, Ph.D. Na Nan


Nan is an ancient city with distinctive cultural from past to present. There are
architecture, sculpture, arts and traditions. The diversity of old archaeological site
shows that religion is the most important thing for the communities.
Nan’s people has a diverse ethnic and historical of each group. Thailue is the
most popular one, such as the pagoda, murals and clothes. There are several hill
tribe whose migrated to the present settlers such as the Hmong (Meo), Mien (Yao),
Khmu, Lua and Marbri, each group will have a different lifestyle, traditions, culture,
languages and their dress are also unique. Nan society can live together in harmony,
even though there are variety of ethnic groups and tribes. However, they can live
together in peace and all of this suggests that Nan is one of the managed a good
social until the present.  
Buddhism has an important role in the social management of Nan city
including an anchor of soul. For this reason, Nan has been hailed and become the
city of Buddhism, Education and Cultural.

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