Transforming Thai Society in the Globalization of Wisdom Process Based on Buddhism Principles

Piyanan Sarobol



            The growth of the world in the Digital age has caused significant changes on Thai society in various ways. Self-development in the area of obtaining the true wisdom through the Buddhist way could possibly view as a key role in dealing with it. As this Buddhist method for the development of oneself can wisely utilize the current crisis as opportunity to balancing the wheel of life in Thai Society. Moreover, it enables Thais to reflect their thoughts to see through problems and to solve them more properly. The start of the process for attaining the Buddhist true wisdom is gaining the Right Understanding. It means when one has Right Understanding, one will see the reality the way it is as natural law and as the causes and effects. However, for man to see the reality in such a way, it depends upon both external (Paratoghosa) and internal (Yonisomanasikāra) factors. The external factor refers to a good friend who keeps telling us to do good and avoid evil. The other factor is regarded as a way of thinking in Buddhism which are classified into 10 types as follows: 1) Going back to the root of the causes by associating with the relative effects 2) Thinking separately 3) Seeing the reality on the way it is, it is what it is. 4) Solving Problem Thinking 5) Being able to clearly see the relationship between Dharma (principles) and its purposes 6) Seeing through the problem and seeing the problem through like being an X-Ray and coming up with the best solution 7) Realizing the fact between true value and artificial value 8) Moral teaching 9) Thinking in being here and now 10) Analytical thinking. In conclusion, it is believed that one will finally achieved the true wisdom when one has got good friends and been developing himself through these ten ways of thinking. Besides, the process of true wisdom’s attainment is broken into 3 different groups. The first group is called Adhisīlasikkhā; training in higher morality. The second is known as Adhicittasikkhā; training in higher mentality. The third is regarded as Adhipannasikkhā; training in higher wisdom.

Keywords: Globalization, Thai society, Paratoghosa, Yonisomanasikāra

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