The Great Tai Lue’s Kathina Ceremony of Thakham Sridonchai Temple, Sridonchai Sub-district, Chiang Khong District, Chiang Rai Province

Phramaha Apiwan Apiwanno Champawan



          The great Tai Lue’s Kathina ceremony of Thakham Sridonchai temple is  a valuable folk wisdom. It had reflected about substantial and abstract moral that Thai people only feel grateful. For this reason, Buddhism in Lanna territory had combined with local traditional, faithfulness, beliefs of Tai Lue villagers harmoniously, traditional rituals harmonize with the unique personality of Buddhist in Lanna territory. Tai Lue Buddhist always create new cultural about Buddhism. The ritual leader has to understand and able to teach or transmit to future generations correctly, from generation to generation forever.

Keywords: Ceremony, The Great Kathina, Tai Lue

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