Enhancing Harmony Process Based on Aparihaniya-Dhamma

Phrasamu Uthai Uthayamethee Manorat



In the age of competition under the flow of capitalism and the progress of materialism, there are many disharmony-problems. As the result, people have called for the harmonious society. At present, Thai society are confronting many problems especially the political problem that causes conflicts and disharmony. That leads to the political separation and nepotism – an important cause of conflicts. It is different attitudes of the leaders, the governors, the scholars, or theorists. Buddhism is the hope that brings the civilized way toward the peace development based on the conditions of Aparihāniya-Dhamma. In order to make the society to have peace, the people who yearn for the harmony must accept the difference of the subjectivity of people and must adapt themselves following the objectivity and the progress of technology that the mental progress cannot follow up.

Keywords: Harmony, Aparihāniya-Dhamma

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