Taking the Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy applied to develop the community economyFor the case Ban Tonnalab Moo ๑, Tonnalap sub district, Bandung, Udon Thani

Navarat Boonpila


This research paper has two objectives: ๑) to study the mechanisms and processes of bringing the sufficiency economy for adaptation of community under the context of the present economic system, and ๒) to analyze the way to bring the philosophy of sufficient economy being applied for community development sustainably.

The results of this research were as follows : Ban Tonnalab community was a capable community based on the awareness of community in taking part for helping each other in their community. They have a harmony, love, kindness, generosity towards each other. They could analyze problems, chose a solution to solve the problem successfully, and then lead to solve the other problems of community; thereby this community can stand on themselves with dignity.The factor impacted to the strength of the community was the application of the Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy as the main procedure by following the ๓-loops principle ๒ conditions for the development of community economics. The villagers were developed and participated in all stages of activities. There had also been the developers and academics from outside encouraged and supported them through community activities such as rice-bank, community-forest group, saving group, organic farmer group, community mills, community stores, that lead to the strong and sustainable process and won the model of Village of Sufficient Economy award from the Ministry of Interior in 2011.

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