The Affecting Factors of Khamkaen Nakhorn Secondary School Students’ Drop out : A Case Study Khamkaen Nakhorn Secondary School Affiliated with Secondary School Educational Service Area Office 25, Ministry of Education

Sitthiporn Khethoi, Worachat Thasa, Saccarak Raisa-nguan


This research proposed to study; the affecting factors of Khamkaen Nakhorn secondary school students’ drop out , and suggestions to help and protect against students’ drop out of Khamkaen Nakhorn high school affiliated with Khonkaen Secondary school educational service area office 25, Ministry of Education. The finding were as follows; the overall affecting factors: community environment, school, family, and students’behavior, of Khamkaen Nakhorn secondary school students’ dropout was at less mean level( = 2.31). So, there were some suggestions from this study that the school should collaborate with the guardians and community of the students who are likely to dropout , and the teachers should monitor and counsel students including listen to the students problem and guardians’ problem, including collaborating with organizations concerned to restrict alcohol and cigarettes selling for the juvenile under 18 years old including illegal activities.

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