Educational Management for Unity and Peace in ASEAN Communit

Phra Rajvaramethi Prasit


Educational management for unity and peace in ASEAN community was presented in this article. The purposes were to develop framework of educational management for the unity, and to propose trends and strategy of educational management for peace in ASEAN. Six strategic aspects of educational management for unity and peace in ASEAN were synthesized which consisted of strategy 1 develop teachers and administrators, strategy 2 collaborate curriculum and assessment, strategy 3 enhance teaching and instruction, strategy 4 encourage educational research, strategy 5 facilitate educational opportunity, and strategy 6 develop educational management. The scenario of ASEAN education roadmap is to predict the future of education that to move towards education cooperation in 2018, to be a unity in education in 2020, to have education for peace in 2022, and to make ASEAN community full of unity and peace of education in 2024.

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