Cultivating of Perseverance throughout the Practice of Wakefulness

Phrakhru pipithvarakijjanukarn, Amphon Buddasan


The cultivation of perseverance throughout the practice of wakefulness was a part of the Buddha’s teachings in which predominantly focused on the principles of securing mind and guidelines of forming an auspicious life in order to living together along with the peacefulness and advancement in the society. Although the Buddhist principles were demonstrated in many aspects, but the principles for overcoming the suffering were taught in some parts, in particular, the present study obviously stated the practice of wakefulness which was one of the principle represented in the unimpeachable path referring to the unimpeachable doctrine, the instructing for deliverance of defilement and the path of ultimate reality in which leading the meditators reaching the development of the Dharma and gaining in the path of emancipating the suffering surely and unimpeachably. As the Buddha said, a Buddhist monk whoever followed the three principles was an unimpeachable monk as well as cultivated the wisdom for emancipation of defilements. The three principles in this doctrine and discipline were the control of the senses, the moderation in eating and the practice of wakefulness.

Furthermore, the dominant principle of the practice of wakefulness in which the meditator must recognized was to probably balance the sense-faculties, not be more strict- leading to restlessness, as well as, not be more slack- leading to sluggishness. Whenever the meditator have balanced the sense-faculties along with practicing the foundations of mindfulness that consisted of contemplation of the body, contemplation of feelings, contemplation of mind and contemplation of mind-objects in which perfectly presented in tranquility development and insight development. Then the virtues of partaking of enlightenment were together represented with the Noble Path and directing to get rid of the defilements, later, the fruition was conducted which leading to the emancipation of defilements and the cessation of suffering.

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