Reflections on Karl Marx’s Socialist to Thai Society

Phamaha wichit ganyanachitto, Suthee Kaewkheaiw


Thai society is characterized by the evolution of society similar to Marx’s idea in which formerly powers, right, freedom and citizenship depend on power holder and still being seen in recent time not obviously but hiddenly. It appears in 2 manners; 1) lower structure and 2) Upper structure. In the past, lower part was determined by the upper structure but in the recent year it was agreed that the lower structure was domain for upper structure determination. This is the political ideas. The lower people set the government but the upper people demolish the selected government seen in Thai situation today. This proved that Marx’s principle is still prevailed.  The fight between the labors and capitalists leads to schism in all parts; individual, family, society, state up to international level. It differs in aspect of goal, method, value, culture which lead to the thought, emotion and any actions. They are still quarreling each other. For the past 3 decades, social movement current enforce people to change the way of justice, alternative judge and cease of conflictions used in criminal process etc.

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